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11020 99 Avenue NW
Edmonton, AB  T5K 2M2
Tel.: 780-488-7104
Fax: 780-482-2099

The best place to age

in Alberta


La Société des Manoirs is very special as it offers services to seniors in both official languages. Supported and managed from the beginning by Edmonton's Francophone community, La Société des Manoirs manages two residences for seniors. Manoir Saint-Joachim is conveniently located in downtown. Manoir Saint-Thomas is located in Edmonton's French Quarter (Bonnie Doon neighborhood), near La Cité francophone. These two residences are owned by the Government of Alberta and managed by La Société des Manoirs since their construction. They are very comfortable, offer various amenities and you will always fell welcome.     

Manoir Saint-Joachim

This residence offers one bedroom suites at an average of 600 square feet with kitchenette, bathroom, living room and one bedroom. 


Both residences offer meals once a day from Monday to Friday. A pharmacist is on site twice a month with daily deliveries. You can also get home care through CBI. A hair salon is open every second Saturday. Both residences have a chapel, library, exercise room, laundry room, and parking.

Manoir Saint-Thomas

This is a smaller residence, with 100% French-speaking tenants. The suites are about the same size as at Manoir Saint-Joachim but there is a few double suites.

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