Frequently asked questions

  • How much do I pay ?

Rent is calculated according to provincial rules and regulations which means 30% of your monthly revenue with annually revised minimum and maximum monthly rents. Water, power, heating and cable TV are in addition to your monthly rent. Each case is unique and you are welcome to check with us to calculate your monthly rent.

  • When can I move in ?

After submitting your application, we will review your eligibility and rate your application based on specific criteria established by the Government of Alberta. Depending on this evaluation, you will be allowed to enter a waiting list and we will contact you 2 to 24 months later. You will then decide to move in or wait for another opportunity to enter the residence later.

  • May I bring my dog or cat with me ?


Pets are not allowed in both residences. Some exceptions can be allowed for small animals in a cage or an aquarium. Exceptions are provided on an individual basis at the discretion of management.


  • May I smoke in the building ?


Smoking is strictly prohibited in both residences according to provincial laws. Smoking in the residences will lead to eviction. Smoking is allowed outside the building at least 10 meters from doors and windows.


  • Do I bring my own furniture ?


None of our suites are furnished, this means you have to bring your own furniture.

Fill up the form below

Please complete the forms below (questionnaire, medical report) then attach a copy of your Notice of Assessment from the Canada Revenue Agency. You may send your application through postal mail, email, fax or deliver in person at our office.

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